It measures three voltages, three currents, and two temperatures. It can also be used for single-phase measurements. It functions as a recorder, electric meter, voltage quality analyzer and recorder of HDO (ripple control system) telegrams simultaneously without interruptions and gaps. It can be used for oscillographic records of all measured alternating voltages and currents. For remote transfer of measured data and measurement parametrization, it has an RS485 and ETH interface and contains a GSM communication module. For time synchronization with a resolution of 1 ms, it contains a GPS time synchronization module.

It measures parameters of voltage and current quality using Class A methods with the A or S class accuracy. It provides statistical evaluation of all voltage quality parameters stipulated by EN 61000-4-30, ed. 3, including the harmonics and inter-harmonics of voltages and currents up to the order of 125 and rapid voltage fluctuations. It records their time courses in individual phases.

It measures energy values in four quadrants and records measurements in three phases and for individual phases using a time series of six registers, which allows evaluation not only in 15-minute intervals. Additionally, it measures phase active energies (supply, consumption) when their flow rapidly changes. In the recording function, the monitor measures and processes all measured quantities and evaluates powers, energies, and harmonics up to the order of 64.