Voltage and current quality parameters are measured by Class A methods with Class A or S accuracy. All voltage quality parameters, determined by the standard EN 61000-4-30, ed. 3, including harmonics and interharmonics up to the order of 125 as well as rapid voltage changes, are statistically evaluated. It also records their time behavior in the individual phases.

It measures energy in four quadrants and records the measurements in three phases also for individual phases with the help of six time-distributed registers. It also measures rapid changes in the flow of active energies.
With the recorder function, the monitor measures and processes all measured quantities and evaluates outputs, energies, and harmonics up to the order of 64.

When recording voltage phenomena and events on currents, it also performs, in addition to recording URMS1/2 and IRMS1/2, oscillographic recording of simultaneously measured voltages and currents of up to ten times the nominal value, with the pretrigger.
It offers protective functions to identify overvoltage, Undervoltage, voltage and current asymmetry, reverse direction of current flow, and more.

Voltage measurement inputs are designed for direct voltage measurements at the LV level and in CAT IV/300 V. The current inputs are only intended for indirect measurements with optional instrument current transformers, external toroids, split-core transformers, or flexible sensors. The basic MEg45PAN version has electronically switched current inputs with 5 A and 1 A ranges for instrument current transformers or flexible AMOS/1A sensors. It also has current inputs with standard voltages of 225 mV, 150 mV, and 22.5 mV for low-power LCT current sensors and TOR toroids. In a special design, flexible AMOSm sensors can be connected directly to MEg45PAN.

The MEg45PAN universal PQ monitor has four two-state inputs and one controlled relay output switching contact.

The USB interface is intended for local transmission and parameterization of measurements. The RS485, ETH, and the integrated GSM interface are intended for remote transmission of measured data and parameterization of measurements. Remote data transmission via the ETH and GSM interfaces is secured by IKEv2/IPse and L2TP/IPsec protocols.

A pre-prepared flash disk with a user authorization and configuration data file can be used to transfer the measured data from the monitor. With its help, it is also possible to transfer the parameter values of the measuring campaign or to update the measuring FW.

The MEg45PAN PQ monitor is powered from all voltage inputs, it can also be powered by DC supply voltage in the range of 10 V to 30 V. The MEg45PAN PQ monitor power supply includes supercapacitors, which provide measurements even with several consecutive short power interruptions.