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BI Module

SAP IS-U Billing and Invoicing module advanced training

We provide extensive training on SAP IS-U Billing and Invoicing module.

What you’ll learn

  • End-to-end process of Billing and Invoicing concepts
  • Detailed Billing Document
  • Details of important configurations


  • Basic understanding of BI-INV business processes
  • Basic understanding of SAP


In the field of consultancy for SAP, your end-to-end knowledge matters and it is the key to a successful implementation of SAP solutions as well as the key to your success as an SAP consultant.

We have come up with this course which gives details of SAP ISU BI-INV Overview, End to end process concepts, Advanced training on Billing and Invoicing modules, self-training materials, and practical training, discussion with a mentor.

Billing and Invoicing process, details of billing documents, and important configurations using practice exercises.

Also, we consider it helpful for Business users as well as those who want to understand about billing and invoicing process in a very detailed way so that they can apply the knowledge to their day-to-day operations.

The content of the course is the following:

  • Overview of the Billing and Invoicing module
  • How rates and prices are mapped in the ISU system.
  • Configuration of Rate Structure/Tariff Design.
  • Configuration of Schema development and Rate determination process
  • Configure customizing settings for billing & invoicing Processes
  • Discounts/surcharges
  • Explanation of Different billing cycles like Manual billing, Interim billing, Periodic billing, and final billing.
  • Bill Print out functions.
  • Billing & Invoicing Integration with DM & FICA module
  • Special Topics
  • Overview of Dynamic Period Control

Who this course is for:

  • Business key users
  • SAP Consultants
  • Those who want to enter the SAP consultancy world

Duration and Period training

  • 80 hours, 4 hours per working day
  • 14.12.2022 – 20.12.2022
  • 09.01.2023 – 13.01.2023
  • 23.01.2023 – 30.01.2023
  • 13.02.2023 – 17.02.2023

Total Price

  • 2250 Eurо/participant

Training details

Online training, held by a BI-INV consultant with more than 15 years of experience.