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Pontech is an official distributor of MEgA equipment.

The company MEgA – Měřicí Energetické Aparáty, a.s. (MEgA – Measuring Energy Apparatus Inc.), is an important supplier of instruments for the energy sector.

Since its foundation in 1999, it has been developing and manufacturing measuring instruments of its design used for measurement, especially in distribution networks and local distribution systems. The development of measuring instruments is realized by the development team of specialists well experienced in working in the energy sector and by many external cooperating experts. Since the beginning of its activity MEgA, a.s. has put on the market and is delivering a series of instruments as well as many specialized solutions for concrete problems. Thanks to the potential and flexibility of its development staff the company can apply theoretical solutions to individual demands in practice very quickly. In the last time, the development staff is involved, besides the measuring technique, in the indication of ground faults in networks including the software support.

For remote transmission of measured data and parameterization of measurements, it has RS485, ETH, and GSM interfaces. It also contains a GPS time synchronization module.

Voltage and current quality parameters are measured by Class A methods with Class A or S accuracy. All voltage quality parameters, determined by the standard EN 61000-4-30, ed. 3, including harmonics and interharmonics up to the order of 125 as well as rapid voltage changes, are statistically evaluated. It also records their time behavior in the individual phases.


Pontech is a MEgA Partner. What do we provide?

Power Quality monitors LV

The panel universal PQ Monitor MEg45PAN is designed for measurement with remote communication at the LV level, it measures three voltage values and three current values and can also be used for single-phase measurements. Its functionalities include direct measurement and display of measured quantities, recorderelectricity metervoltage quality analysis, and recording of ripple control telegrams, which it performs simultaneously, without interruptions and pauses. It can also be used for the oscillographic recording of all the measured quantities. For remote transmission of measured data and parameterization of measurements, it has RS485, ETH and GSM interfaces. It also contains a GPS time synchronization module… Read more


The MEg45DIN universal PQ monitor is designed for measurement at the LV level and transmits the measured data securely according to IPsec protocols via an ETH interface and GSM network, briefly even after a power outage of all three phases. It measures three voltages, three currents and two temperatures. It can also be used for single-phase measurements. It functions as a recorder, electric meter, voltage quality analyzer and recorder of HDO (ripple control system) telegrams simultaneously without interruptions and gaps. It can be used for oscillographic records of all measured alternating voltages and currents. For remote transfer of measured data and measurement parametrization, it has an RS485 and ETH interface and contains a GSM communication module. For time synchronization with a resolution of 1 ms, it contains a GPS time synchronization module… Read more

Power Quality monitors MV

PQ monitor MEg39 is designed for permanent measurement and recording of four voltages and four currents, powers, and energies in networks with MV, HV, and EHV levels. It provides the functions of recording, electricity meter, and analysis of voltage quality, all performed simultaneously. In the class A voltage quality analyzer function the monitor evaluates all parameters required by standard for measured three voltages and three currents. Monitor MEg39 can be also used for oscillographic records of measured quantities and harmonic analysis of measured quantities up to the order of 125…Read more