GIS Technology and Solutions

GIS Technology and Solutions

Pontech is a Golden Partner and reseller for Schneider Electric.

Pontech is the market leader for GIS technology and solutions.

What we provide?

We provide scalable, distributed GIS solutions based on the ArcGIS/ArcFM platform, geometric and utility network, Oracle/SQL Server/PostgreSQL database.

  • Implementation of Enterprise and Open source GIS solutions
  • Application development (desktop, web and mobile apps)
  • Geodatabase – Modelling, Design, Deploy, Migration and Administration
  • Solution architecture and custom tools development
  • GIS Data – back office (Methodology, Post-processing, Verification, Import, Export, Conversion, Analysis)
  • Integration with existing IT and software solutions – SAP, SCADA, WorkForce Management and other
  • GIS Analysis and Modelling – Modelling, Thematic mapping
  • Support
  • Consulting, business analysis

uGIS enables companies use only what they need.


uGIS is our own product which aim to solve problems on the fly which saves money and makes our clients prepared for the future. It is a lightweight highly customizable platform built on top of open source software.