Project Management

Helping our customers bridge the gap between people, processes and different technologies, our team of certified project managers can run end-to-end IT and consulting projects.

Project Management

What do we provide?

  • Project documentation and administration
  • Timeline, budget, risks, scope, communication, and integrations
  • Stakeholder and key-user engagement
  • Lessons learnt and industry best practices

Advanced Grid Automation (AGA) Concept

  • Advanced Grid Automation or AGA Concept is the response to the new energy business environment created as a result of EU and local energy policies, energy regulations, technological advances and changes in customer behavior and expectations. Companies need to implement new concepts in order to keep pace with the market. The new concept is not something defined – it is rather a roadmap to open a flexible company, touching everything inside: IT, OT, data, processes and organization. The implementation is costly and time-consuming but without it, distribution companies will not be able to maintain the quality parameters of the electric distribution.

The concept covers:

  • IT architecture – An optimal portfolio of IT systems supporting the business and decision management with minimal overlapping and minimal customization
  • OT infrastructure – for network management and data gathering.
  • Data governance – The digitalization of the business creates vast amounts of data and is requiring data quality.
  • Change management – Increasingly important process in order to keep the systems as standard as possible and track the changes.
  • Processes and organization – With the increasing number of IT systems and increasing dependency on them, customization is not the right way. Companies need to change their processes and organization to implement the industry standards. Only then the access to new versions reflecting market changes can be implemented fast and without disturbance of the core business.